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Redesign workspaces for deep connection and productivity

Posted by Anton Bunaiasu

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The term space is often used to refer to an inexact distance that separates objects or people. It is considered a quality of the atmosphere, and is often referred to in terms of volume.

Everyone has a different definition of space. The fact that most of us simply take it for granted, makes it all the more important to explore! The way that we experience space is a complicated one. We sense that we grasp it, but struggle with describing it with precision. Remaking the workspace can help make your work and social connections stronger - let's discuss how!

Space is a world created by human perceptions and feelings

Since space is not merely a three-dimensional area, it's important to understand that space is neither objective nor fixed. Space is known to us by virtue of the social interactions that make it visible and so it's deep political and unquestionably social.

In the post-pandemic office, we'll be asking ourselves a lot of questions. Who will continue to use their private space as a workspace? And should we all be in the same place as our colleagues to take advantage of the creative friction.

The future of work is coming; better start preparing. Without the ability to work remotely, your company won't be able to attract or retain the best talent. Make sure that your workspace also works for people who are energized and creative while working in hybrid system.

So what people say the missed the most last year, especially the ones that are new in the company? They have missed their colleagues, and the chance interactions that come with them. They missed chatting with people they know well, and those from other teams they know less well.

Have a fresh look on the boundaries

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The boundaries between work and domestic life have shifted significantly in the past decade; so has what's needed for productivity and collaboration. The meaning of "office" itself has changed over time. These changes necessitate a rethinking of what activities are most suited for different types of professional activities.

The workplace is changing, and it's time for a new model. The current "office" ecosystem, which is confined to one physical location, just isn't cutting it anymore. We need to ask ourselves what type of environment would best suit our employees – a diversity of people asked to different jobs and task. Maybe a status meeting is proper to be kept online, for everyone. But a brainstorming? What kind of environment is most appropriate?

Bet on human connection

In a world where we are constantly connected to social media, it can be hard to find the energy for face-to-face interactions. So, as we become more reliant on digital tools, it is important that we continue to foster collaborations between coworkers.

People need people. It is a fundamental truth. That is why we can clearly conclude that Serendipity, a pretty well-known concept in workplace design, will become more and more important.

Best leaders will need to be innovative and anticipate the needs of their employees in this post-pandemic and even more digitalized world by shaping their office spaces and workplaces to encourage human connection.